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Is there a way to swap doubles?

The online swap it's part of Panini concept. There are several exchange areas:  

  • Panini Zone, the new Panini service that will let you manage your checklists and swap with other collectors connected in, you find it here. Only some collections are available now, check if the one you are looking for is already in!
  • Panini Collectors App, available on Google Play and iTunes. If you log in to the app with your Panini  account, your checklists can be synchronized with those in the Panini Zone, so you will be able to update and check them also on the go.

How does the Panini Zone work?

After you log in to the Panini Zone, you can search the collection you are interested in using the alphabetic list. Select it and manage your checklist. Here for you som suggestions:

  • For each sticker, you have to select the quantities. Leave "0" for the missing stickers, put "1" for the stickers already in your album and choose quantity for your doubles. If you have just one double for a sticker, you have to select 2 as quantity, which means that you have 1 sticker on the album and 1 double. If you have 2 duplicates, the quantity of the stickers is 3.ì, and so on.
  • This way, the list of duplicates and the one of missing stickers are authomatically created by the system. "
  • You can now select the option to swap.
  • You will see the list of users that made a request matching yours, and you can choose to contact them. From this moment on, Panini is not responsible anymore, as you can read in our Terms of use of the Panini Zone.
  • You find the same services in the Panini Collectors App (if available in your country). If you log in to the app, you can synchronize your checklists on the website and on the app.
Access to the Panini Zone

How do I create my own MyPanini™ personalised sticker or card?

There is a dedicated page with all info you need, click here! 

I would like to complete my collection. Can I buy my missing stickers online?

You can complete your collection on your local store.  
You will need to create a Panini  account and use it to log in to the online store. You need to be at least 18 years old.

You can also order your missing stickers using the Panini Collectors App (if this service is available in your country). You can do it using your checklist and pay with your PayPal account

Complete your collection

How can I buy packets and albums online?

You can buy boxes and albums at the online store. 
You will need to create a Panini  account and use it to log in to the online store. You need to be at least 18 years old.

Buy online

How many stickers are in the collection?

You can easily find it out by visiting the Content plan page. 
Or, you can use the checklist service in the Panini Zone and in the Panini Collectors App.

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